Andrea Khalid and Tesia Bryski are both registered psychotherapists providing individual psychotherapy for adults, with Michelle Sorensen in the role of their supervising psychologist during their qualifying year.  Michelle Sorensen and David Guth are both members of the College of Psychologists.  Michelle works with adults aged 18 and over and seniors.  David sees children, adolescents and families.


Therapy at Ottawa South Resiliency Clinic includes cognitive behavioral therapy and  mindfulness-based interventions. We pride ourselves on using evidence-based therapy and constantly striving for new ways to support and treat our clients with a multitude of presenting issues.


Therapists at Ottawa South Resiliency Clinic use a strength-based approach, collaborating with clients to help them use their self-righting capacities in facing their challenges. No problem is too big or too small; if one of us is not the right therapist for you, we will refer to one of our many esteemed colleagues throughout Ottawa.


David Guth performs psychological assessments of children and adolescents.  These are comprehensive examinations of the child's developmental, emotional, behavioural and/ or intellectual/ academic difficulties.


Assessments can take significant time but help parents to gain a thorough understanding of their child and determine potentially helpful interventions.

mindfulness training

Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake in the present moment. Mindfulness has been practiced for centuries but is increasingly being incorporated into modern psychology and psychotherapy practices. 


Mindfulness is a very tricky practice to define. Simply put, it is the practice of inviting your awareness to the present moment, being open to sensations, emotions, or thoughts (whether pleasant or unpleasant) and practicing equanimity, compassion, and stillness in the face of distress. It is an excellent tool to use in building resilience and is taught both individually and in group format at OSRC.


Many of our clients describe the effects of their mindfulness practice as life-changing. 

Privacy of personal information is of the utmost importance in our clinic. We discuss our privacy practices in detail when first meeting a new client.


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We are located on Prince of Wales Drive, just south of Hunt Club Road. There is free and convenient parking behind the building, both in the parking lot and on O'Donnell Court.

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